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Aug 28, 2020

"Late have I loved you," read on the Feast of St. Augustine, August 28, laments a man who did not finally yield to faith and baptism till his thirties, whose enthusiasm for the created things of this world held him back from their Creator. But now, having breathed the fragrance of God's truth and beauty, he pants for...

Aug 22, 2020

This papal primer seeks to dispel popular misconceptions about the Papacy and explain in everyday language what scripture teaches about the role of Simon Peter and how the Catholic Church relates that to the role of the Pope

Aug 6, 2020

he Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus at the summit of Mt. Tabor, remembered each year on August 6, is one of the pivotal events of the Lord’s public ministry.  The veil of the carpenter’s humanity is pulled back for a moment and his divine nature is revealed.  This sudden manifestation of the divinity of Christ and...