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Aug 25, 2021

What does the term Tradition really mean? Is it opposed to the Bible? The sola scriptura principle of the Protestant Reformation assumed it was -- here we examine this assumption in the light of a few key scriptures.  For the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, cycle B.

Aug 21, 2021

Christians are called to be not just believers, but intentional disciples who make a conscious decision to follow Jesus and him alone.  But discipleship can't be a one-time decision.  As in a marriage, the commitment must be renewed daily.  For the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, cycle B.

Aug 15, 2021

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary (called the Dormition in the Christian East) has been celebrated as a solemn feast on August 15 since ancient times.  What is the meaning and basis of the dogma and the Solemnity?

I once asked a college theology class if anyone could explain the doctrine of the Assumption of Mary.  A...

Aug 9, 2021

Since the days of Judas, there have always been bad apples among the clergy.  In the days of St. Francis and Clare, clerical corruption was particularly bad since being a bishop or Cardinal meant ownership of lands and considerable streams of income, not to mention the prestige of belonging to the nobility. ...

Aug 7, 2021

Somehow, we can all relate to the discouragement and exhaustion of Elijah.  So we need to learn from the solution proposed by God to revitalize and energize him for the long journey he needed to make and the important work he was going to do.  The bread God provided is a figure of a more wondrous bread that is...