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Oct 29, 2021

Hear O Israel!  Most have heard of the Great Commandment - to love God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself.  But if God is just and salvation depends upon perfect obedience to this command, who can be saved?  For the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, cycle B.

Oct 22, 2021

The story of Bartimaeus, the blind beggar who met Jesus on the road to Jericho, is a dramatic event from the Gospel of Mark that illustrates something very important about the true nature of Christian faith.  For the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, cycle B.

Oct 19, 2021

Belief that God exists is not quite what Scripture means by faith.  The faith spoken of by Jesus, Paul, and John is a gift that is like a spiritual muscle - to be strong, it must be exercised.

Oct 16, 2021

Brothers John and James, the sons of Zebedee, had ambition. When they make their famous request for places of honor & privilege in Mark's gospel, Jesus takes the opportunity to teach them that leadership & true greatness consists in loving and serving, even to the point of sharing with Christ the cup of suffering.

Oct 13, 2021

Some do the minimum in order to survive.  But we are called to seize every opportunity so we can truly thrive.  Proverbs says Wisdom has set a table for us.  Christ, Divine Wisdom incarnate, actually feeds us with two abundant tables - the feast of the Word and the Sacrament.  For the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, cycle...